From today's Undisputed Podcast, Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe rehash the Mayweather vs McGregor fight. The only thing that these two agree on is that Floyd has a great chin, which takes place in the first minute. From there, they pretty much disagree on everything following. 

Shannon takes the first seven minutes discussing his takeaway from Saturday night's fight. Shannon drops some jewels here, including the fact that he predicted Floyd would win the fight. He also claims that Conor does not have all the power in his punches that most people thought he did.

The following seven minutes is controlled by Skip Bayless, who apparently now owes Floyd Sr. a new suit for losing a bet on McGregor. Although Conor lost, Skip still seemed impressed by The Irishman's performance. Skip also compliments Floyd for the fight and his ability to change his game plan mid fight. Skip goes on to reprimand referee Robert Byrd for not calling the fight down the middle and for saving Floyd in the ninth round.




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