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“The UFC's False Flag AKA The Conor Conspiracy”

“In my opinion, Floyd Mayweather Jr. is being used as a pawn at this point by The UFC. Rumors all week have come out that the “Conor VS Floyd” fight is as good as done. Have you noticed who is saying this? It is usually MMA writers, someone is feeding this info. I do not believe the fight will ever happen.”

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At the same time as the boxing match rumors started swirling big again, we hear that Georges St-Pierre is coming back to the UFC. I do not think this is a coincidence. GSP as his beloved fans call him,has been out of the fight game for a few years. But make no mistake he is still a huge name in MMA and before he left there was no one more popular than “RUSH”. Many fighters have said they would try to position themselves on St-Pierre's events because the pay outs were always better. 


The GSP return talk has been dwarfed by the boxing match rumors all week. I think that the UFC higher ups would like to keep it this way. I think the real deal here is that GSP VS Conor is going to happen. The Floyd talk is like a false flag to get people really talking more about Conor and then they slide in GSP. They have a built in excuse, “Floyd wants too much money” and money is the name of the game.

“It's like a game of show and tell right now. The media is telling us that this fight is happening, but they are showing us ABSOLUTELY nothing at all”

-Will Gettling

Conor McGregor VS Georges St. Pierre is way more likely than a Conor VS Floyd boxing match. Not only that, but it will be way more exciting and way more competitive than going to Floyd's domain and challenging him. For the time being, i'm convinced that the UFC coach is getting ready to call an audible at the line of scrimmage. 
As for Floyd, well he continues to dispute that the fight will happen. All week Mayweather has been releasing tweets denying it, including these two.



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