Anthony “El Toro” Birchak is a bantamweight fighter competing in the UFC. With a career record of 13 and 3 Anthony is looking for a few fights that will allow him to break out into the top 15, of a talent rich division division.

Recently we were able to speak to Anthony about a wide variety of topics, starting with the fighting system that he created which is called  TOROTech Mixed Martial Arts:

“TOROTech Mixed Martial Arts is my style of fighting system now designed for a team format. Combinations that I've used effectively in fights, to take down transitions & control, to submission or TKO finishing positions. I've had one of my pupils have tremendous success with the system, Ace Martinez. He won both the World Fighting Federation 155lb title defeating a 4 stripe purple belt by submission as a white belt. He then won the Tuff-N-Uff 155lb title and a pro contract with Pancrase all using and implementing our style!”

So what exactly makes TOROTech such a special place to train?

“That's a tough question but it's definitely a combination of the amazing people who believe in what I teach and their own desire and ambitions to be great and I think when someone believes in something so deeply like our team it's then a tough combo to beat. I'm always reminded of 2 quotes that kind of drive our team. The 1st is “Today is victory over yourself of yesterday, tomorrow is your victory over lesser men.” And the 2nd is “Once the fighter understands the battle lies within himself and not in the arena, then the fighter truly becomes unstoppable!” It's constant reminders like that, that push these young fighters to make sacrifices and push themselves to the top.”

More inspirational words have never been spoken. Our next topic touched on with ‘El Toro', was where he currently see's himself in the UFC's  Bantamweight division?

“Right now I'm kind of in a shitty spot, I'm 2-2 (In The UFC) and I need to fight a few more un-ranked guys before they give me another shot at top 15 and 10. But I think I'm an unorthodox nightmare for anybody in the division. I just need to re-solidify myself as one of the top 135ers in the world and remind everyone I'm a former world champion!”


After an important victory in July over Dileno Lopes, what is next for Anthony and does he have any fights scheduled?

“Right now I just got booked to do a Jiu Jitsu super-fight against former UFC fighter and BJJ black belt Ulysses Gomez at the Nov 19th Tuff-N-Uff Fights.”

So who is Birchak's dream fight in the UFC?

“Anyone who's holding that 135lb title that's the ultimate goal and I will reach it some day soon.”

Next we asked Anthony how he feels he would match up with the top four guys in the Bantamweight division. The former champion TJ Dillashaw, The aging veteran Urijah Faber, the 2016 break out star Cody Garbrandt,  and The two time and current Champion Dominick Cruz?

“TJ- I look at from the whole MMA math point of view (That I know doesn't always add up) but the whole Joe Soto fight put some shit in perspective for me and showed me some glaring weaknesses with TJ striking defence.”

“Urijah- I think he's on his last leg and in the fight against Frankie Saenz I saw a lot of points that I would easily exploit as well. His inside leg kick defence as well as his slipping wrestling offence are winning points for me.”

“Cody- Man is that kid riding the lightning and is truly something special but in his fight against Henry Briones I saw a very tough fighter stay in his face and fight a smart fight against Cody. I think that base idea with aggressive wrestling would be a good combination to edge out a fighter like Cody.”

“Dom- Dominick is the real puzzle isn't he? I look at his roll outs and head movement and advancing steps with punches and see very brief moments in which a fast fighter can capitalise.”

Next we talked about a few current events that we wanted to get Anthony's opinion on, starting with Rory MacDonald joining the competition and trashing The UFC?

“He's making money and that's what he deserves. But he's not my weight class and nothing he does affects me one way or another.”


Next we talked about his take on the newly formed fighters union?

“I think it's absolutely time for us to have one, but I feel like it's gonna get a lot of fighters black balled or shelved for a while.”

Last we asked how he feels about all of the recent failed USADA drug tests in the UFC?

“They really haven't cleaned shit up have they? All the drug testing is doing is confirming shit we already knew.”

Before Anthony finished we asked him if he had any shout outs?

“Ya man just opened my first ever gym, shout out to the 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu Monster Squad and the brand new addition my own 10th Planet Tucson! Follow us on Twitter Instagram and Facebook @10pTucson as well as @TOROTechMMA. Shout outs to all my sponsors who've stuck by me and now are helping us out at the new gym and our proshop! Garden of Life nutrition supplements, Oral IV hydration fluid, Booster Fight Gear, Damage Control Mouth Guards, Virus International, Kabunky Medical Marijuana products for helping me pay for my last UFC camp food & travel the month I was in Las Vegas. Also want to shout out my coaches Casey Halstead at 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu, Dennis Davis and Eric Nicksick, Xtreme Couture and Rene Leon from Sitan Muay Thai! As well as my sports management agency Luta Elite MMA Sports Management, Mercedes White is the hardest working manager in a very thankless job.”

Be on the lookout for Anthony “El Toro” Birchak as he continues to climb the ranks of the UFC's Bantamweight division. A few key victories in the octagon could see Anthony really reach his potential as a UFC stand out.



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