May 8, 2016; Rotterdam, South Holland, Netherlands; during UFC Fight Night at Ahoy Rotterdam. Mandatory Credit: Per Haljestam-USA TODAY Sports

In the co-Main Event two top Strawweight contenders square off, to determine who faces the seemingly unstoppable Joanna Jedrzeczyk next for the title. Number three ranked Rose Namajunas looks to extend her three fight winning streak to four with a win over the undefeated Karolina Kowalkiewicz. Kowalkiewicz, who hails from Lodz, Poland is looking to set up an all Polish title showdown, with both fighters undefeated.

Karolina Kowalkiewicz has a lot of similarities to her fellow Polish counterpart Jedrzeczyk, as she posses lethal striking and maintains a relentless pace. The Muay Thai Champion will be looking to set up one of the most anticipated match-ups in Strawweight history, against the reigning Champion. Namajunas who fought for the inaugural title on the finale of the Ultimate Fighter 20 has won three in a row since then and has improved drastically. ‘Thug' comes from Lithuanian descent and will do her best to prevent the all Polish showdown.

Follow the action as it happens here:


Round 1:

The pair look to judge the distance early. Rose lands a leg kick and a couple of counters. Rose is holding the middle of the octagon and picking her shots wisely. Kowalkiewicz looks hesitant. Rose lands another nice counter right hand. Kowalkiewicz is now trying to press the action but Rose again lands with counter strikes. Kowalkiewicz can't seem to get off. They exchange, with not much connecting clean. Rose lands a clean leg kick but falls to the ground. Kowalkiewicz lands a nice right hand. Rose is picking her apart now with the counters, including a big left hook. Kowalkiewicz is aggressively chasing her and they clinch. Heavy knees from Kowalkiewicz in the clinch and elbows as they break. Rose gets the takedown but Kowlakiewicz is trying to sneak onto Rose's back. Rose shakes her off and thats the round. Score: 10-9 to Rose


Round 2:

Rose lands a combination early and a hook kick but Karolina engages in the clinch again and starts with the knees and elbows. Leads Rose to the cage and lands a big elbow. Rose has double underhooks, is looking for the trip. Kowalkiewicz is landing big knees all the time in the clinch. Her Muay Thai is really shining through. They break and Rose lands a beautiful combination. They exchange blows. Huge front kick by Rose, chases her down and lands a right hand. Rose presses Karolina against the cage but again Kowalkiewicz starts with the knees. They break again and Karolina lands a big right hand over the top. Nasty knee from Karolina as the clinch and again another big knee. Super close fight. More knees to the body but Rose counters with the right hand. The knees are taking their toll as Rose is breathing very heavy. The bell goes and Rose looks visibly tired. Score: 10-9 to Karolina (19-19 overall)


Round 3:

They both looked tired with Karolina looking slightly fresher. Attempts a spinning back-kick early but misses. Rose looks to have lost the pop in her punches and Karolina lands some more knees. They trade a few punches but not much landing. Karolina now storms in and they exchange. Both fighters landing. Karolina looks poised as she holds the centre of the octagon. Rose lands a nice right hand. Kowalkiewicz lands some big knees then a big right hand. She lands on top of Rose and lands a crushing elbow. Rose wraps up Karolina in her guard and attempts an armbar but eats a couple of punches. A kneebar attempt but Karolinas defence is perfect. Karolina now is holding Rose down. She stands and Rose hits a couple of up-kicks. A triangle attempt to an omaplata attempt but again Karolina defends. Karolina lands a few punches they stand and trade for the last five seconds. Score: 10-9 to Karolina (29-28 to Karolina)


Result: Kowalkiewicz wins by split decision (28-29, 29-28, 29-28)



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