It seems that the UFC's reality television show, The Ultimate Fighter is getting renewed for another 25th season and also has a theme. First reported by MMA Junkie in October, a rumored roster of contestants to compete on the upcoming season has emerged and it is rather intriguing. It seems to be a recent occurrence for the promotion to change up the series a bit. In the 24th and most recent season, the was roster filled with champions in other promotions and the winner not only was crowned as the Tuf champion, but was awarded a shot at the title against the pound for pound #1 fighter Demetrious Johnson. The upcoming season has been rumored to be “All Stars”, in which all of the contestants will be familiar faces of the series brought back for a second chance. Below is a list of the welterweights that are rumored to be competing for the chance to be season 25's ultimate fighter.


1.Johnny Nunez (6-1, 0-0 UFC – Season 22)

2. Dominic Waters (9-5, 0-3 UFC – Season 16)

3. Jesse Taylor (30-15, 0-1 UFC – Season 7)

4. Joe Stevenson (33-16, 8-8 UFC – Season 2)

5. Gilbert Smith (12-6, 0-1 UFC – Season 17)

6. Julian Lane (11-6-1, 0-0 UFC – Season 16)

7. Eddie Gordon (8-4, 1-3 UFC – Season 19)

8. Dhiego Lima (10-4, 1-3 UFC – Season 19)

9. Kajan Johnson (21-12-1, 2-1 UFC – TUF Nations)

10. James Krause (23-7, 4-3 UFC – Season 15)

11. Zak Cummings (20-5, 5-2 UFC – Season 17)

12. Mehdi Baghdad (11-5, 0-2 UFC – Season 22)

13. Gerald Harris (23-5, 3-1 UFC – Season 7)

14. Justin Edwards (8-5, 2-5 UFC – Season 13)

15. Seth Baczynski (19-14, 5-6 UFC – Season 11)

16. Mike Ricci (11-5, 1-2 UFC – Season 16)

17. Jamie Yager (7-4, 0-0 UFC – Season 11)

18. Hector Cervantes (Urbina) (17-10-1, 1-2 UFC – Season 19)

19. Eddy Ellis (21-16, 0-0 UFC – Season 16)

20. Junie Browning (4-6, 1-1 UFC – Season 8)

21. Ramsey Nijem (9-6, 4-4 UFC – Season 13)

22. Hayder Hassan (6-3, 0-2 UFC – Season 21)

23. Tom Gallicchio (19-9, 0-0 UFC – Season 22)

Image result for joe stevenson ufc
TUF Season 2 Champion Joe Stephenson 


A few names on this list stick out in particular for very different reasons. First, there are a few fighters on this list that are current UFC fighters that seemed to still be under contract with the promotion; lightweight veteran James Krause and welterweight Zac Cummings, both fighters who have had some success during their span in the UFC. Another nice name to see on this list is Gerald Harris, who has been all over the headlines for his body-slam knockout of the year candidate in his most recent bout back in December for Legacy Fighting Championship. Other faces that are likely being brought back for ratings for the television show rather then their fighting skills are Julian Lane, as well as one of the most infamous names to step foot into the Tuf house in Junie Browning. Within this cast also features three fighters who are former winners of the competition in Joe Stevenson, Mike Ricci and Eddie Gordon.


Image result for junie browning
TUF Bad Boy Junie Browning

With the television series seeming to possibly come to an end with the purchase of the company from WME-IMG, it seems that this season can be the best ratings the show has ever seen with all of the talent and familiar faces competing.





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