“All I want is money, f*&% the fame I'm a simple man, Mr. International Playa with a passport, Just like Aladdin b*$%#, get you anything you ask for” :Tupac Shakur- How Do U Wan't it


This is officially my 100th published article. I had several ideas of what to write about, but after speaking to Shonie Carter I figured it out. I will use this as the platform for the first of several articles about Shonie. I have had the idea of this series for a while, so lets go!

This is the one guy in MMA who literally makes himself available to me 24-7, I'm pretty sure he has never slept before. Shonie may also be a vampire, but we will get into that subject at a later time. This guy is a fighting legend who is quick to give me quotes, fight predictions and general all around advise and critique.

With over 200 professional bouts to his credit, he has stories for days. I will use this series to share Shonie's story, as well as a way to preserve his legacy. Beside being Mr. International, he is also “Mr.#1” as in the first member of the MMACS Hall Of Fame.

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So I now present to you, “Mr. international: Playa With A Passport” Ep. 1

What is going on right now with Shonie Carter? Well he is training for a Bare knuckle Boxing world championship fight that will take place in England. Mr. Carter is also preparing for the Arnold Schwarzenegger Classic where he will be teaching striking, judo and greco-roman for MMA. The Arnold classic is this weekend in Columbus, Ohio. Click here for more info

“The mma seminar is going to be this Friday night on March 3rd at the main venue area and its $65/door or $55 if you pre-register with me via text as a will call registration amenity. My business number is 312-937-7569. I will need 1st name last name and number of students. don't forget a gi and your gloves focus mitts, I don't lend mine out!”

So why exactly at forty four years young is Shonie going to England to fight for the Bare Knuckle Boxing world title?

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“I need another belt to add to my ever growing collection. This is yet another perfect situation for me to show that the wheels haven't fallen off yet for me, especially since my time with The UFC was prematurely cut short before I could take their belt home to introduce it as a long lost relative to its ” true family”.

About his journey overseas, Shonie also had this to say:

“It is about to go down in April on the 22nd in Coventry, England. Mr. International Shonie Carter vs Jimmy Sweeney for the Middleweight world title in bare knuckle boxing at 170lbs. I am about to invade England as a U.S. Marine.”

Image may contain: 2 people, textWe will have more info about this bout as it grows closer. So was there anything else on The Chicago Native's mind? Do you even have to ask? This guy is never short for words and had plenty other things to discuss including the humor finds that “An Imposter” is now referring to himself as “Mr. International” .

“Im always imitated, always impersonated, but never duplicated. Just remember pretenders, I've got five passports used up and a photo shoot on the pyramid at Giza with the kilt  and the top hat. Just like that without a stall, I have ran miles on the Great Wall, while kick boxing in China! Until you do Greco-Roman wrestling in Greece and teach Jiu- Jitsu in Japan, I am like where in the world have you been maan!? 

That wasn't all Shonie had to say:

Until you can walk into a forest and tell a tree to leave, War whisper into the ear of an Angel and make it believe or go fishing in a bucket with a shoestring and pull out a whale, where can you open up a book and tell it a tale. I have made medicine feel better and given a doctor an Apple and kept him away. I could very well be the father of the Parker Brothers, now ain't that a Mother Fucker?!

To his haters, imitators and detractors Shonie says:

“Well: I am the Playa with my 5th passport, So how do you want it ?”

We will back with more from Shonie soon, look for MIPWAP Ep. 2 in the next week or so. Thank you for reading and lets hit 100 more soon!




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