MMA Today will be about three stars of the octagon that have fallen in one capacity or another. All have made headlines this week and I will try to decipher what is going on with each .

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Hopefully We Have Seen The Last Of Jon Jones' Legal Troubles

At one point a few years ago, Jon “Bones” Jones was thought to be the premier MMA fighter in the world. He was world champ and on top of every pound for pound rankings list.

A lot has changed for Jon, and not for the better. His probation for the hit and run case ended on Tuesday. He completed all of his 72 days of public service and finished up serving his 18 months on probation. The former King has fallen hard in recent times.

“Bones” fight suspension for popping dirty for metabolites of the drugs clomiphene and letrozole however, will end on July 6th. It is expected for Jon to headline a big event this summer. There are problems at this point with Jones' value as a fighter. First, will he be back to stay or will he continue to flush valuable years of his prime away? Can the company even count on him at this point to stay out of trouble and will the fans still pay to see him? Only time will tell if we have already seen the best of the twenty nine year old.

Yesterday, an interesting post showed up on Instagram that has people scratching their heads. Dan Garner, who is a strength coach, lab analyst and nutrition specialist posted the following. 

Apparently Ronda, the biggest pioneer in WMMA is back training. While Jones was thought to be the most talented fighter, Ronda was by far the most popular polarizing fighter on The UFC roster. Shattering pay per view records every time she fought, Rousey was on top of the MMA world. Since finishing her first twelve opponents, Ronda has fallen apart as a fighter. She has dropped her last two fights, both by knock out.

The question now is, what is she training for? Will she have another return to fighting? The talk before her fight with Amanda Nunes was that “Rowdy” needed a new camp. Hopefully if Ronda is entertaining another comeback, this is a step in the right direction. Personally, I hope we see the trailblazing former champ back in the octagon at some point.


Lastly, I will leave you with War Machine's post on TwitLonger. There is not much to say about it. 

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War Machine Is Facing A Possible Life Sentence

“Oh, I knew I had it comin', I knew I couldn't be free…” -Johnny Cash

Well, that didn't go very well, now did it? Would you believe me, though, if I said that I have nothing but joy inside, even now as I am sure to receive some type of life sentence? It's true. Often times I have heard men in neighboring cells go to their cells and cry after receiving such news, but how can I? How can I cry tears of sorrow over the circumstances responsible for saving my soul? These circumstances are what has transformed me into a real man, how can I disrespect god by weeping over them? How much is a soul worth? Is a life sentence too high a price? Not at all, I gladly trade this false life in for the real one to come; I have been nothing but blessed by all of this. Now, if only I could somehow receive Christy's forgiveness… And if only I could one day hear that she too had been saved! That would remove every last bit of tarnish from this tragedy. CHRISTY: I am sorry for the man that I was, I am sorry for hurting you. One day, when enough time has passed, and when your wounds are fully healed, I hope that you will write to me, or, perhaps, even visit me, so that I can apologize completely, and so that I can tell you about all that I have found in regard to god. He is real and can heal and complete you deep inside, if only you knew the full extent to which he had healed me… I will never cease to pray for you. MELISSA & SHANNAH: You have been the best sisters a guy could ever ask for, I love you two so much. BRANDON: You have gone far above and beyond the call of duty as a friend, I'm still in awe of all you have done. STACI: Thank you for your service to god, without you I may never have been found. PHIL: Thakk you for your presence at court, sorry for failing you as a protege. HERMAN: Sorry for failing you as a mentor, you have grown into a good man, I am proud of you. JULIA: You have been a true gift from god, if only… And to the rest of my loved ones: Never worry about me, I am at peace, I am alive and happy for the first time in my life.






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