Cal Worsham is an MMA pioneer who debuted in the world famous octagon back in 1995 at UFC 6. He would also compete at UFC 9 and The Ultimate Ultimate '96. Cal is remembered for a dominant win against UFC 1 veteran Zane Frazier and a wild brawl against Tank Abbott, in which Tank tried to eject Cal from the cage. 
So how did Cal Worsham, a former United States Marine get started in the UFC?
“I saw an add in BlackBelt Magazine, and submitted my application in 1994.  Then in July 1995, 9 days before U.F.C. 6, I received a call from Mr. Art Davie, asking me if I would step in on short notice.  I said yes and the rest is history!”


I reached out to the creator of The UFC Art Davie who always has some insight to ad to this series. He had a story about Cal Worsham for me.


“I convinced him to get out of a hospital bed to fight in the Ultimate Ultimate '96. His son, Hunter told me that I used the fact that Cal and I were Marines to pressure him. Hunter was mad at me about that as a kid, he was worried about his dad.”

After his fight with Tank words were exchanged and some cheap shots thrown by Abbott. So is the beef with Tank still alive these days?
   “No, I'd actually sit down and do a shot of Geritol with him now.”
Beside being an early part of the UFC Cal was also involved in the early days of sister promotions Gladiator Challenge and King of The Cage. What was his role and what was his experience with those two fight leagues like?
“Just fighting in King of the Cage.  I fought for Gladiator Challenge and was their Super Fight World Champ for a minute and the last 6 year's of my career, I fought and was the Match Maker from 2008 thru 2014.”
A very humble man, Cal shared his career highlight with me?
“In the summer of 2010, Gladiator Challenge held an outdoor show at Thunder Valley Casino.  I was able to give one of my world Title Belts, signed by Don Frye, Urijah Faber, Scott Smith and James Irvin to a a young man named Leland Camara. He was Battling Leukemia and had flown in from Alaska with his family. Scott Smith placed the belt on Leland's shoulder, major Highlight for me!!!”
As far as his legacy in MMA, what would Cal like to be remembered for?
   “Well, not so much for fighting, but using the platform to Bless others.”
How does Cal feel about the Evolution of the sport MMA?
  “Well, you said it in your question.  When I fought it was a spectacle and now it has evolved into a sport.  I miss the old days; I guess I'm a little biased.”
Which fighters does Cal enjoy watching presently?
“Van Zant, Tate, Rousey, Lawler, Condit , Conor, both Nick and Nate and Weidman, too many more to name.”
So what is Cal Worsham up to these days?
 “Just working at the Folsom, CA. Department of Energy, responsible for cyber and physical security.”
But like I said Cal is a very humble man. Art Davie also informed me about another activity that Cal is also involved in.
“Ask Cal about his hunting safaris to kill huge wild boar in Northern California”
So I asked Cal about these safaris that Art was telling me about. These are obviously not your run of the mill hunting trips.


“I put on a couple of wounded Warrior Wild Boar Hunt's a year.  I've been blessed to have Don Frye, Gary Goodridge, Tom Erikson and some “A” list Hollywood star's (whom I won't mention, because of the anti-gun belief's in tinsil town). I've got to enjoy watching these Star's take their first ever wild boar and watch them help the Wounded Warrior's get their's. It's been my honour to call so many of these top athletes my friends and absolutely humbling to give back and serve our true heroes.”


Cal's final words to me –


“God Bless America!!!”

Cal Worsham, just a tough guy who was there at the begining and helped things get started in the UFC. He was the guy that took short notice fights back before Nate Diaz, Donald Cerrone and Conor McGregor made it a more common practice. Check him out on Fight Pass sometime for a great walk down memory lane.
I’ll see you next time for more “Laying The Foundation” as I talk to MMA legends and give them their rightful due respect as pioneers and innovators of The UFC.



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