As of late, rumors have swirled that UFC 219 will be headlined by Conor McGregor vs Nate Diaz part 3. Last night, UFC boss Dana White said “Not true AT ALL” about the trilogy fight. This has been the UFC's biggest feud in years and has given us seven rounds and two amazing UFC fights, so far. 

Diaz won their first fight by submission at UFC 196 by Rear naked choke. At UFC 202 Conor came back and beat Diaz by a majority decision after dropping Diaz multiple times during the bout. Two judges scored it for McGregor and one had it as a draw.

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Do The Fans Want To See A Clear Cut Winner Of This Blood Feud?  I Know I Do

Since their pair of fights, McGregor has gone on to win the UFC Lightweight title from Eddie Alvarez. He also was involved in the biggest boxing match in history, dropping the bout to Floyd Mayweather Jr. by TKO in the tenth round. Diaz however, has not competed since his loss to McGregor.

Even if it does not happen immediately, we really do need a final fight between Nate Diaz and The UFC's biggest cash cow ever, Conor McGregor. As it stands now, we have no resolve. Check out White's tweet below.

Do you want to see McGregor vs Diaz 3? Should Nate get the first crack at Conor's Lightweight World title? Sound off below!



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