Here is a pictorial look back at the historic build up to Floyd Mayweather vs Conor McGregor. Over the past few months things have gotten heated between the two and these are some of the best pictures to relive the rivalry that will culminate tonight with “The Money Fight”.

The “Kind Of” Original Fight Poster

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The Original “Fan Made” Poster That Came Out Way Before The Fight Was Announced

The Official Poster

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The American Boxer vs The Irish Fighter

Stop One: July 11th, L.A., L.A. Big City Of Dreams 

Image result for conor vs Floyd LA press conference
The L.A. Press Conference Was A Highlight For Both Men

Stop Two: July 12th, The Toronto Showdown

Image result for conor vs Floyd toronto  press conference
Floyd & Conor Face Off In Toronto

Stop Three: July 13th, Hello Brooklyn

Image result for conor vs Floyd Brooklyn press conference
Floyd Laughs & Conor Stands Fast In Brooklyn

Stop Four: July 14th, London Was Rocking 

Image result for conor vs floyd London Press
Floyd Strikes A Pose In London As Conor Looks On

Earlier this Week: August 23rd, Sin City In the Building

Image result for floyd vs conor press conference
The Final Press Conference In Las Vegas

The Weigh Ins: August 25th, The Fight Is Official In Las Vegas


Image result for Conor vs Floyd Weigh ins
The Weigh Ins Last Night

The Prize: August 26th It's On

Image result for The Money Belt
The Money Belt Will Go To The Winner



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